Why RVing is the Best Way To Experience the 12 Hours of Sebring Race

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Why RVing is the Best Way To Experience the 12 Hours of Sebring Race

There is no better way to experience the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Race than by renting an RV and camping at Sebring International Raceway! RVs offer the comfort of home while bonding with friends/family. RV camping allows fans to rest, refresh, and refuel without having to leave the raceway and sit in traffic. You are fully immersed in the atmosphere of the race with memories that will last a lifetime. From the moment they wake up to the sound of engines revving, to the evening celebrations and the early morning quiet before the race resumes, RVers live and breathe the event in a way that day visitors or those staying off-site cannot. Sebring Raceways offers a lively atmosphere, with fans camping around the circuit and enjoying a festival-like environment that never seems to end.

Don’t have an RV?  No worries – We rent and deliver RVs to Sebring International Raceway!

If you are a motorsport enthusiast or new to the circuit, then you won’t want to miss one of the most prestigious and historic endurance races held annually at Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Florida – The 12 Hours of Sebring! This race is a cornerstone of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and draws competitors and fans from around the world. The uneven surface of the track, a result of its partial construction on old airfield runways, is a defining feature of the Sebring 12 Hour Race. It’s known for being particularly tough on both the cars and drivers, contributing to the race’s reputation as a true test of endurance.

As the name suggests, the race runs for 12 hours, typically starting in the morning and ending in the evening. This duration includes racing through the heat of the day into the cooler temperatures of the night, requiring teams to adapt their strategies to changing conditions. The race features multiple classes of cars competing simultaneously, including prototypes and GT cars. This adds to the complexity and excitement of the event, as different classes have different speeds and strategies.

Although known for its festive ambiance, Sebring boasts one of the most enthusiastic road-racing fan bases around. The event features dedicated car corrals for several manufacturers, including Cadillac, Corvette, Porsche, and Lexus, where fans can congregate and honor their preferred brands during one of North America’s most significant endurance races of the year.

The RV community at Sebring International Raceway is known for its friendliness and camaraderie. RVing provides a unique opportunity to meet fellow motorsport enthusiasts, share experiences, and enjoy the race together. It fosters a sense of community among fans who share a common passion – motorsports! RV camping spots at race tracks are often located close to the action, offering prime views of the race. This proximity enhances the experience, allowing fans to see and hear the race cars as they battle it out on the track. If you arrive early, you can use the extra time to explore the track, visit vendor booths, and participate in any pre-race activities and/or meet-and-greets.

RVing gives fans the flexibility to set their own schedule and the ability to go with the flow, especially if you have little ones. You can choose when to watch the race, when to take a break, and how to spend your downtime. RVing is not just about watching the race; it’s also about the pre- and post-race experience. Fans can enjoy tailgating, barbecues, and gatherings with friends, family and other race fans. Many people bring along entertainment options like satellite TVs, gaming systems, and outdoor games to enjoy during quieter moments. Charcoal and gas grill fires are allowed (wood fires are NOT). Showers are located in Green Park, on the Midway and in the Paddock.

Keep in mind that you can arrive days before the race starts and stay after it ends, turning the event into an extended vacation. This allows you to explore the Sebring area, participate in pre-race activities, and unwind after the race in a relaxed setting. 

RV camping at the Sebring 24 Hour Race offers an unparalleled experience for motorsport enthusiasts.  However, spots for RV camping at the Sebring International Raceway are in high demand, especially for the 12 Hour Race. It’s crucial to book your spot as early as possible once tickets are released. Check the Sebring International Raceway’s official website or contact their office for the exact dates when reservations open. 

Sebring has recently added two exclusive RV zones — Crosley Valley and Flightline — equipped with electricity, water, and CCTV connections (note that CCTV is accessible only during live-broadcast events). These limited-availability spots require prior reservation for the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

All vehicles entering the Raceway need to be legally allowed on public roads and must have a parking pass. This requirement includes motorcycles, trailers, RVs, golf carts, and other vehicles. Complimentary parking is provided outside the entrance gates. For those interested in overnight parking or camping, facilities are accessible off Carroll Shelby Road near Gate 4. It is necessary to obtain a parking pass for both your primary vehicle and any additional vehicles or trailers you are bringing in. For instance, if you’re driving a truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer that contains a registered golf cart or motorcycle, you will need to secure three parking passes in total.

There are various types of RV camping spots available and prices vary based on proximity to the race and extra amenities. Spots closer to the action offer great views and atmosphere but may be noisier and busier. You’ll need to decide if you prefer a general admission spot, which might be more budget-friendly but less equipped, or a premium spot with amenities like electricity, water, and sewer hookups.  Whatever spot you manage to snag, you are sure to have a great RV adventure!

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